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This is not "On Demand Ordering"... Turnaround on Catering is usually ±72 hours.Our price calculator will help you plan your event! Figure out how many roast dinner plates you'll need and this will give you a "ballpark figure". Upon completion of this form, you will be emailed a copy of your estimate, as will we. Someone will be in contact with you regarding your order within 24 hours. Sometimes emails bounce, so if you do not hear from us, please give us a call!Price does not include tax. Cost is per Pound on the meat, per plate on the dinners.
ROAST BBQ (Just Meat)
Tender succulent smoked BBQ beef sliced and ready to go. The leanest cuts! Price is per pound.
Amazing smoked ham, sliced and ready for serving. Just heat & eat! Succulent cuts, little to no fat. Cost is per Pound.
Pork that is "fall off the bone" tender, pulled and ready to be piled high onto a roll. Very lean and delicious. Cost is per Pound.
Untrimmed and uncut. Served whole; per pound weight applies. Beef or pork. Whole beef roast weighs approximately 8-12 lbs, Pork roast averages 4-7 lbs.
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Condiments and Extras
Sold per 16oz.
Delicious garlic bread! Price is per person.
Soft rolls! Price is per roll.
Soft roll...price is per roll
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Side Orders and Other Stuff
Tossed green salad using romaine and iceberg lettuce. Price is per person.
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